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Welcome to Ireland!

Ireland is also called the Emerald Isle. But it doesn't only stand for magnificent scenery, but also for company, fun, entertainment and delicious food and drinks! All that will be offered to you in O'Toole's Schmiede, the probably coziest and most original Irish Pub in Nuremberg. Here you find besides culinary specialities for a large and small appetite also Guinness, the only vegan cider in Nuremberg, mead, honeybeer, exclusive whiskies from all over the world, exclusive cocktails, franconian "Landbiere", vegan and vegetarian food as well as deleicious burger any many more.
All of our beer is 100% pestizide free!
During summer these can be enjoyed outside due to our outside seating. Call in and enjoy Irish flair in the middle of Nuremberg! Slainte!